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Without your support, The Pepper Pot Centre could not be running so successfully today. Your help can aid us in supporting and caring for our elderly members.

With the current economic crisis and cuts to the non-for-profit sector, a lot of our services depend on the generosity of the public.

Make a Donation

Help the elderly to have a better quality of life!

You can now make a donation to The Pepper Pot Centre suing your mobile phone. Just text PPDC10 followed by the amount you want to donate to 70070. For example if you would like to donate £2 to The Pepper Pot Centre simply text PPDC10 £2 to 70070.

This is a new, free service for charities, with no network charges for people making donations and every penny donated going to The Pepper Pot. Donations are collected through your mobile phone bill. Gift Aid can also be added. If you would like more information please visit :

Please make a donation today to help the elderly enjoy a better quality of life.


Help the elderly people to have a better quality of Life!



We aim to provide a comprehensive service to older people from the African Caribbean community in Kensington and Chelsea, to enable them to live more independently in their own homes.